Healthy Body Fat Percentage – What is it and How to Find Yours

Healthy body fat percentage is important when deciding to start any diet or weight loss program. Understanding your body fat percentage and learning how to lower it is equally important. Measuring body fat and inches are considered better forms of tracking weight than using scales alone. So how do you accurately measure your fat without going to see a doctor or nutritionist? This article will explain.

First of all, it is important to know why a healthy body fat percentage is so important. Your body fat percentage is just that, the amount of fat you have stored on your body. Fat is the stuff that you want to lose when going on a diet. Our bodies contain more than just fat though. Things such as muscle and water also contribute to our weight, but we mostly concern ourselves with losing fat. Since muscle is important, we want to gain as much muscle as possible, while decreasing our fat. But, scales can only tell us how much we weigh. If we are going to lose fat, we need to find out how much of our weight is actually contributed by it.

Fat does have its value in the human body. It helps to insulate organs and tissue, is used as a cushion over our bones, and regulates body temperature. But too much of it can cause many health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and even death. That is why it is so important to find our healthy body fat percentage and strive to maintain that amount.

One of the easiest ways to find your current percentage of fatty tissue is to use an online fat calculator. There are many free ones available on the internet and most are pretty accurate. Simply answer a couple of questions and the calculator will do the calculations for you. Once you find your current percentage of it, you can find what your healthy body fat percentage should be by using one of these online calculators as well.

A woman has a healthy body fat percentage if she has a percentage of fatty tissue of 21-33% for women 20-40, 23-35% if they are between the ages of 41-60, and 24-36% for women over the age of 60.

A healthy body fat percentage for men would be 8-19% for those between the age of 20-40. If a man is between the ages of 41-60, a healthy range would be 11-22%. Lastly, a healthy fat percentage for men over the age of 60 would be 13-25%.

When you have found what your healthy percentage should be, you can then begin to work toward that percentage as a goal. If you need to lower your percentage of tatty tissue, following a healthy diet and exercise program can help you reach a healthy weight. Losing excess body weight does not happen overnight, but if you are diligent about your weight loss efforts, you can achieve a healthy body weight. Being at a healthy weight not only makes you look and feel better about yourself, it can add years to your life. What more motivation do you need?

The Single Best Trick For Developing a Healthy Body Image

When you have a healthy body image it is much easier to make compassionate dietary decisions in the kitchen and to feel confident everyday. Having a healthy body image requires a balance of three components: diet, exercise, and your mind. The great news is that when it comes to this threesome, one of the elements greatly encourages the other two.

The quickest way to developing a healthy body image is to enjoy regular exercise. Feeling physically strong is mentally empowering. Equally, there is no better way to celebrate being alive than feeling your body in motion. Whether you dance, do yoga, run, or play organized sports, the chemicals exercise produces have the power to make you smarter, healthier, and even more attractive. Plus, because exercise prolongs your life, skipping it is not a time saver after all. You can either have excuses or results when it comes to exercise. The choice is yours.

Of course when I say exercise should be “enjoyed regularly,” both of these words are extremely important to the prescription. Firstly, if you enjoy something, you are much more likely to do it. We need to move away from thinking of exercise as the punishment it was in gym class when we were children. If you are healthy and mobile, you should celebrate your good fortune. Don’t view it as a means to an end but as a privilege.

If you really hate exercise, find something about it in general that you find value in like getting fresh air, improving your heart health, or preventing dementia. Personally, I like that healthy glow that comes from a good sweat session and being able to eat my favorite treats unapologetically and without consequence.

The ‘regularly’ part is important, too. Trying to go from 0 to 60 is counterproductive. If you exhaust yourself to the point where you are too sore to move the next day, you are not succeeding in creating a healthy habit. The key is to push yourself just enough so that you are challenged but able to do it again tomorrow and the next day.

Keeping your heart and muscles in shape is not like spring cleaning or celebrating your birthday. It has to be done more than once a year. In fact, you should exercise several times a week- minimum- to really enjoy the benefits of your hard work and a better body image.

As I mentioned earlier, engaging in regular exercise makes it easier to make good decisions in the kitchen and at the grocery store. When you are kind to yourself in one way, you will want to be kind in other ways, too. If you spend time working out, you are much less likely to negate your efforts by stuffing your face with garbage. It is just not worth it. After all, you want that good post exercise feeling to last and you don’t want to feel sick during your next workout. As a result, you’ll be more likely to choose quality proteins and whole grains to help repair your muscles and give you lasting energy.

Challenging yourself through exercise forces you to marvel at your body’s capabilities and your mind’s determination. This is especially important for people who are used to feeling down on themselves and engaging in negative self talk. You must dwell on the positives and tell yourself that you deserve the best.

If you think you are sloppy and worthless, how can you make the same decisions as someone who thinks they are fit and worth it? You can’t. You must change your mindset to develop a healthy body image. Exercise can lift your spirit and your butt which can encourage you to alter your self dialogue.

Your mind can be your greatest obstacle or your greatest ally in improving your body image.

Physical activity has the power to inspire you by what your body can do, and it will encourage you to treat it- and think about it- with respect. For example, if you feel strong enough to push up, sit up, or squat, you will also feel strong enough to decline an extra slice of pizza or cheesecake. Once your activity level, diet, and frame of mind are in sync and working towards the same goal, you will find that you have the energy, strength, and mental discipline to do anything you set your mind to.

You deserve to have a healthy body image that allows you stand a little straighter, eat a little more compassionately, and think more kindly about yourself. Getting active will make you feel strong- inside and out. Remember, little wins add up to big wins so take action – no matter how small- towards improving your body image today.

Reasons Why a Fit and Healthy Body Is Important

As the years go by, the subject of health and fitness has become increasingly prominent among many people. Thus the proliferation of businesses and establishments that cater to one’s fitness and well-being such as gyms and workout centers. Men just love to build their muscles while the ladies certainly love to maintain their slim figure. It is a well-known fact that a huge majority of us wants a body that would be considered attractive to others, a body that you could be proud of. Building a fit and healthy body takes a lot of time, dedication, discipline, a strong mind and hard work. You can’t just say that you’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow and expect it to go smoothly from there. It is not as simple as that. You need to have a strong resolve and you need to adhere to it before you can expect success.

While the popularity of health and fitness programs and establishments are soaring through the roof, it seems that a good number of health and fitness practitioners don’t realize the true importance of a fit and healthy body. To be healthy and fit have a significant impact in your body more than you think. It improves the overall quality and longevity of your life. To be fit and healthy means you can gain benefits such as stronger and more limber body muscles, low-level blood pressure and cholesterol, and a stronger immune system. It can also significantly increase your stamina and body conditioning, meaning you will be able to undertake daily activities in a much more improved fashion and duration. And since it also boosts your immune system, you become more resistant to diseases and ailments ranging from common colds to cancer.

But it is not merely with the physical aspect that a healthy and fit body can influence. It also promotes a healthy mind. So what does this mean? It means that you should be able to deal with stress more effectively. Your mind will be able to recuperate faster as compared to those who does not keep their body in shape. In other words, someone with a healthy and fit body is less likely to fall into depression. Aside from that, it also improves one’s mental image. Meaning you will have more confidence in yourself. You’ll just find that the social aspect of your life is improving. With a healthy body, your general perception in life is better.

So it is a no-brainer that you should always keep our body healthy and fit. Sure it is not exactly what you will call easy, but with such benefits that it can yield, it is all worth it. The most important thing you need to keep in mind if you engage in a fitness routine, is that you need to participate in a program that you actually enjoy. This will improve your success rate quite significantly. Because it is important that there is the element of fun or else you will just end up bored and unmotivated. We only get to live once, so keep your body healthy and fit and have a good quality life.

Maintaining Healthy Body Weight – Reducing Health Related Problems

Maintaining healthy body weight is arguably the most difficult thing about losing weight. Those who have struggled to lose weight often admit that their weight fluctuates, illustrating the battle that maintaining healthy body weight can present. While every individual is different, there are various ways to keep that weight off, and many of them are relatively modest. What these formulas all have in common is the commitment level they demand. Making a long term commitment and observing the following changes cannot only aid in weight loss, but help in maintaining healthy body weight.

Monitor your sugar and fat intake.
You can reduce the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and fat and substitute with reduced-sugar and low-fat foods. Avoiding sugar filled soda and substitute with water. Keep track of your calories and limit your fat to less that thirty percent of your total calorie intake for the day. Reducing your intake of sugars and fat establishes a good platform for maintaining healthy body weight.

Exercise daily.
Exercise comes in many forms. Initially, you should start your workout routine easy and determine what type of physical activity suits your lifestyle. Start by brisk walking and work your way up to jogging. Exercise is a key factor in permanent weight loss and maintaining healthy body weight. A good recommendation, perform some exercise routine thirty minutes per day, three times a week. After you are comfortable three times per week, increase your routine daily.

Be aware of negative eating habits.
Identify your negative eating habits that break down your diet. Some negative eating habits include over eating when home alone. Another example is overindulging when board. Some people like to eat when feeling upset or depressed. Many times you do not even realize that you are treating food in this manner. By identifying negative eating habits, you can take steps to control bad habits while maintaining healthy body weight. Keep a food diary, in which you jot down when you eat, types of food you eat, how much you eat, and why you are eating. By determining what you’re eating habits are with this information, you will find out if they are healthy or not.

Balance your diet.
Planning a balance diet for maintaining healthy body weight should not deprive you of the foods you love. Expand your choices by including small servings of the main five food groups:

Dairy – Dairy products provide a rich source of calcium.
Breads – Foods from this group provides complex carbohydrates including fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Fruit – Fruits that are bright in color offer a mix of nutrients your body needs.
Vegetables – A rich source of vitamins.
Meat – This group includes poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Your body needs protein. Protein is required to manufacture antibodies, enzymes, and hormones.

Participation in regular exercise and a balanced and nutritious diet are key factors in maintaining healthy body weight. By losing those excess pounds, you are reducing your risk of health related problems and investing in your own health.

Healthy Body Detoxification – Improving Your Health

Healthy body detoxification makes reference to the ability of your body to free itself of toxins and bacteria. It is the process of improving your health and well-being by eliminating poisonous substances out of your system. As a result, the healthy body cleansing practice usually helps to ensure that many of the poisons are stripped away from your body. Body detoxification not only eliminates your system of pollutants that happen to be identified in the atmosphere, foods and drinks but additionally, it can also get rid of unhealthy conditions.

Harmful toxins are produced as ordinary by-products in the digestive system because of the bacteria made that break down foods. Toxic compounds exist in the atmosphere all-around us as well as in the food we eat. The atmosphere as an example, has lead, which was released as a result of using leaded gasoline. The digestion of food proteins also make harmful by-products in your body. Artificial growth hormones are usually in the meats, milk, and other dairy foods, along with pesticide sprays, weed killers and fungicides in the grains and vegetables you eat. These are just a few of the countless poisons that get into your body on a continual basis because of day-to-day exposure to chemical substances in your home and in the atmosphere.

Harmful toxins from our environment and as a result of our lifestyle and diet get into our systems every single day. These include things like heavy metals, air-borne pollutants and industry approved food preservatives. A great number of these toxins are not easily released by the body and are generally stored in fat cells where you can build up an extreme amount of harmful weight. Toxins can lead to health issues and excess weight. Body detoxing and cleansing is not viewed as a weight loss program, however it usually leads to weight loss. Removal of toxins can be something that many of us would not need to make a special effort to do if we were constantly following all the other health and well being guidelines all the time. Accumulated toxins create conditions for bacteria to reproduce and permit blood to get poisoned. It is essential to go through body cleansing periodically to ensure these are not able to accumulate.

Body detoxification or colon cleansing has numerous, well known recognized health and fitness benefits. Even though a body cleansing is unquestionably advantageous, it requires a much deeper understanding of its significance and usefulness. One of the major benefits associated with obtaining a full healthy body detoxification is the impact it has on growing older. Another, for successfully treating many forms of cancer by alternative cancer treatment experts. Body detoxification is also attached to staying alert and building individuals less liable to depression. Body detoxification can certainly help you to shed pounds simply because, truth be told, these toxins in fact do add a large amount of excess weight to your body.

The method in which body detoxification works to give these benefits is by bringing back your body’s natural alkalinity to metabolize the foods you eat after you have finished the body cleanse. You will discover many different cleansing procedures like drinking water going on a fast, juice fasting, organic detoxing as well as colonic hydrotherapy. It is easier than many people initially anticipate. The basic principle behind body detoxification is simple. An alternate way to complete a full body cleansing is through using raw juices. Body detoxification works significantly better when it is combined with a basic healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet. However, in the natural and organic community, body cleansing is a recommended annual event.

In summary, a body detoxification cleanse will enhance your overall health and supercharge your immune system. Body detoxification will work significantly better when it is combined with a general healthy lifestyle and diet. A well-balanced whole body detoxification plan when properly carried out really should leave a healthy glow on your face which friends and family cannot help but notice and cause you to feel and look many years younger than your actual age. Body detoxification cleanses will also aid in the removal of extra fat from your body.